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Scottish Journal of Theology is an international refereed quarterly journal of systematic, historical and biblical theology, founded in Scotland, edited in Edinburgh, Yale, Princeton and now Cambridge, and published by Cambridge University Press (

Editor of Scottish Journal of Theology 1982-2015

Scottish Journal of Theology provides an ecumenical forum for debate, and engages in extensive reviewing of theological and biblical literature.

Since its first issue in 1948, Scottish Journal of Theology has become established as one of the world's leading theological journals, and it takes pride in encouraging constructive and critical work.


Notes for Authors:

Articles for SJT must be submitted in electronic format as well as in hardcopy. One copy of a proposed article (together with a 350-400 word abstract and 6 keywords, an email address and a postal address) should be submitted in hardcopy with an accompanying email containing the file to:

Professor Ian McFarland
Scottish Journal of Theology
University of Cambridge
Faculty of Divinity
West Road
Cambridge CB3 9BS
England - UK

Submission of an article will be acknowledged by email.

Submission of an electronic file is essential, as the article will be sent to international referees as an email attachment. The very much preferred format is MS Word. Material which is not accepted for publication will not be returned.

The average length of articles is 5-6000 words. Those in excess of 8000 words cannot be considered. This word limit includes footnotes. Shorter articles are easier to schedule and will be published more quickly. Articles should be formatted with footnotes, not endnotes. Single quotation marks should be used for quotation, and double quotation marks for quotation within a quotation.

Files, once submitted, will be understood to contain the final form of an article, and if the article is accepted, a first proof will be produced from the author's file (with minor editorial emendations). No further revisions or additions should then be made by authors.

Submission of an article is taken to imply that it has not previously been published in English, and is not being considered for publication by another journal or as part of a book.

It is a condition of publication in Scottish Journal of Theology that authors assign copyright to Scottish Journal of Theology Ltd. This ensures that requests from third parties to reproduce articles are handled efficiently and consistently, and will also allow the article to be disseminated as widely as possible. In assigning copyright, authors may use their own material in other publications, provided that SJT is acknowledged as the original place of publication.

Neither the editors nor Scottish Journal of Theology Ltd necessarily endorse every proposition expressed in the journal. Authors retain responsibility for any defamatory statements or untruthful claims which they may make.

First proofs of articles (but not of reviews) will be sent to authors for correction, and must be returned within one week of receipt. Corrections should be confined to typographical errors. Other corrections may be made only with the concurrence of an editor.

Contributions from North America may use North American spellings. Greek and Hebrew words, which should only be used sparingly, need not be transliterated. Capitalisation should be kept to a minimum, and in particular should not be used in pronouns referring to God.

Contributors of articles, article-reviews and reviews will receive a pdf of their composition from Cambridge University Press.


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